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We teach classes in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Throughout New England.

Students will learn not only physical skills, but also ways to avoid potentially dangerous situations in the first place. Sharpening their natural intuitive abilities as well as learning how to use their voice can achieve this. Body language and carriage is also a large part of the training program, as criminals often 'case' their victims based on how they physically portray themselves. We also discuss and demonstrate personal weapons, which can be used in the case of an attack.


*R.A.D. Systems Basic
*Self Defense Class Description
*Self Defense I (R.A.D.) Classes
*Self Defense II Classes
*Escape and Survive Training
​Self Defense, as well as, Escape and Survive Training

These class adds itself to the Basic Self-Defense, but can also be taken by itself. In this class you will learn how to use everyday weapons to your advantage as well as how to defend against a knife attack. Many areas will be explored from being attacked at your car to being attacked in your house. This class is both fun and an informative way to build upon what you may already know as well as help empower you as an individual.

You hear footsteps behind you, or your intuition tells you that you are not alone. What should you do? Be smart. Be ready. Be safe! In this class, learn techniques of self-defense in order to be better prepared for the unexpected. Find out how to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Learn verbal de-escalation skills and how to execute basic physical self-defense techniques. Class taught by instructors with over 20 years experience in martial arts.

Awareness, Mental Focus, and Discipline

Safe Harbor Martial Arts and More uses proven teaching methods that not only help you learn the art of self-defense, but also provide a wide range of benefits for students of all ages. 


Tang Soo Do is not about aggressiveness; it is about peace, respect, confidence, self-control and humility.  Safe Harbor uses mental focus and discipline to cultivate a strong spirit and develop physical skills such as speed, strength and agility. 


Training the mind and body together results in more productive benefits as opposed to monotonous exercise routine.

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