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Who We Are

Founded in 2009 by Black Belt Masters Adam, Joseph, and Rona Lischinsky, Safety Through Self Defense by Safe Harbor Martial Arts and More, was established not only to teach traditional Tang Soo Do, Self Defense, and teach women the physical moves behind self defense, but also to increase self confidence and innate intuitive abilities present in all women. Basic Self Defense Classes, R.A.D. Systems Training, Escape and Survive Training, Safe Harbor Family Martial Arts, Self Defense Classes, Refund Policy, Additional Training​, and related issues.

Currently we are teaching at Safe Harbor Martial Arts and More, LLC. located on the North Shore of Massachusetts, at 319 Cabot Street, Beverly, Massachusetts 01915.


Since 2009 we have been offering special self-defense seminars.  Safe Harbor has been offering Self-Defense and Traditional Martial Arts Classes (Tang Soo Do) on the Northshore for over 30 years.

You can find registration information in the Special Events section of the site.


To provide a safe environment of positive energy and support for our students, as well as, supporting their mental and physical potential.  To provide by example personal excellence through our instructors both in, and outside our school.  To help students tap into their inner strength, while establishing a strong foundation of integrity, and self-discipline to facilitate personal and professional growth.

What is RAD?

What is Tang Soo Do?

Tang Soo Do is considered a classical martial art, designed and intended to progressively develop character, integrity, self-discipline and respect for others. Students practice a variety of self-defense techniques, artistic forms, competitive low-contact sparring, and dynamic board breaking. At Safe Harbor Martial Arts, they put the emphasis on the "ART". While observing many time-honored traditions, they are constantly looking to create new and positive ones by providing an atmosphere of Safety, Tolerance, Humor, and Mutual Respect.

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